The Origins of Lossophy

The funky etymology of lossophy comes from the combination of ‘Loss’ and ‘Sophy’. By definition, ‘Loss’ refers to the process of losing someone or something, while ‘Sophy’ can be summarise as knowledge. Loosely explained, this root word refers to the ‘philosophy of Loss’, which can be expanded to explain the nature of the subject matter.

Why Lossophy?

Discourse on death, dying and bereavement is an uncomfortable and difficult conversation to have because people often reckon that they should only start when length of life becomes limited. Contrary to popular belief, such conversation can take place at any point of our life and typically arise due potential threat of mortality to you or someone you know.

And if you are considered a younger person to be struck with possibly fatal disease such as cancer, it can be hard especially when there are meaningful milestones yet to be completed.

Lossophy has a simple cause: we are concerned over how the threat of death inevitably impact ourselves and our relationship. Hence, we would like to produce useful resources, content or service in relation to death, dying and bereavement.

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