Mark Lin

Mark enjoys writing matters associated with relationship. Professionally, he works in a social service agency that serve the Cancer Community. This gives rise to his obsession on loss-related content. He figured that people might not readily approach a counselor, but they would readily search for something useful to read on loss relationships that may be helpful to their situation. He hopes to build an entire library of resources here.

Fun fact? He is a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic and absolutely loves potato. Contact him if you wish to speak with him on any matters.

Shen Kiat

Shen Kiat enjoys the practice of community law. It is compatible with his personality as a values-driven approach practice built upon the foundations of wisdom, empathy, patience, reasonableness and technical competence. He sits on a Law Society Committee that advises both practitioners and government bodies on probate practice and succession planning.

He believes every client has a story to tell. They give him the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict and the desired outcomes, and his role is to provide a resolution. Two main principles guide his approach to life: (1) Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with God. (2) Look upon the world as his neighbour.


Karen believes in leading a value-creating life. Being in the financial advisory industry, she was given the opportunity to be in contact with people from all walks of life, as well as to learn about their story. Lossophy is a platform for her to share her stories and experience.

On a personal note, Karen is actively involved in giving back to society through her involvement in numerous National Day Parade as well as Chingay Parades. One particularly memorable experience was in NDP’16, where she was given an opportunity to work with various special needs organisations to put up a collaborative item together as part of Act 6: Our People, Our Home. (Act 6: Our People, Our Home starts at 1:55:00 onwards!)


Designer by day, an Artist at heart. Constantly oscillating between carpe diem-ing her face off and refreshing the same 20 tabs while having an existential crisis.